Tuesday's Deals at Blair Wellness Center!

All $54 Eighths are now $42 Eighths Sunset Octane Big Thai Garlic Wizard Strawberry Cookies Orange Grove Cookie Tech Garlic Cookies Pop Buds Crescendo Sour Jack & MORE! All $42 Eighths are now $35 Eighths Pie Crust Untrimmed Mandarin Cookies Untrimmed Rosetta Stone Royal Wedding Cake Grape Lime Ricky Forum Cookies x Aliendawg Untrimmed Phantom Cookies & MORE! All $35 Eighths are now $25 Eighths Lifesaver Untrimmed Durban Thai x Cindy 99 Jacked Up Memory Loss All $25 Eighths are now $18 Eighths Dark Phantom Buy One Get One 50% Off Pre-Packaged Eighths Blue Cheese Dosidos 22-22 Grand Daddy Purple Sugar Biscuits #9 Banana Hammock Banana MAC Chem Chillz Cookies & Cream Darkstar x Chemdawg Tangie Gas Powered Cake Gelato Cake Kings Stash Mac & Cheese Mandarin Skunk Poochie Love Rocket Fuel Stardawg Bubblegum Stardawg Sunny Wizard Flash Sales at Blair! Various Eighths On Sale! $10/Eighth Painkiller XL 1%/21% $25/Eighth! Mango 12%/6% Golden Strawberry 19% $30/Eighth Lemon Thai 20% Blue Cheese 25% $35/Eighth Texas Shoreline 25% Pre-Rolls Sale! $8/1g Ghost Rider 24% Take 5 Pre-Roll Pack $25 Birthday Cake Ray Charles gLeaf Pre-Roll .5g/$2 Painkiller XL Big Dog Pre-Roll $10/.75g Black Afghan Casino Kush Bay Glue L'Orange Banana Treez Flash Sale Concentrates Fish Scale LR Sugar (1g) ($50) Triangle of Love LR Badder (2g) ($60) Flash Sale Flower 40% OFF ALL Kief Flash Sale Select Edibles Strawberry Lemonade Squeeze Drink ($20) Bulk Flower Deals $140/H Gelato Cake 26% $100/H Hennessy OG 18% Grape Pearls Untrim 25% Guava Jelly 22% Grand Daddy Purple 18% Shake Blow Out! $7/Eighth Born Killer Shake 17% $20/Eighth Guava Jelly Shake 21% $25/Eighth Hammerhead Shake 26% $28/Half Mac and Cheese 21% Shake Blow Out! Shake/Cooking Material $10/Half Ultimate Purple Shake/Cooking Material 11% $20/Oz Gorilla Girl Shake/Cooking Material 7% Tuesday Vape Deals! 40% OFF ALL gLeaf Vapes 30% OFF ALL Cresco Vapes 30% OFF ALL MPX Vapes 30% OFF ALL Rythm Vapes *Ask your Budtender about our new vapes* View all choices on our menu! Tuesday Concentrate Deals! 40% OFF ALL gLeaf Concentrates 30% OFF ALL MPX Concentrates 30% OFF ALL Evermore Concentrates 30% OFF ALL Culta Concentrates View all choices on our menu! Tuesday Edible Deals! 30% OFF ALL Garcia Chews 30% OFF ALL IncrEdibles 30% OFF ALL Betty's Eddies 30% OFF ALL Do-Drops View all choices on our menu! Daily Topical Deals! 30% OFF ALL Topicals! View all choices on our menu!